Rain Storm™ Showerhead

Prepare for unmatched luxury of the Rain Storm.
A powerful, pressurized monsoon of water will envelope and sweep you away to a wondrous place. You’ll discover the power of oxygenated water in the most invigorating way, while saving up to water and gaining a stronger flow of water compared to industry leading brands.
Supreme Superiority: With 54 powerful spray nozzles the Storm provides a shower of unbelievable pleasure at an unrivalled price.
The Rain Storm (UK) Showerhead requires a minimum of 1.5 Bar pressure to operate. Not for use on gravity fed systems.

Flow Rate @ 5 Bar: 9 Litres/ minute
Flow Rate @ 3 Bar : Minimum Inlet Pressure: 1.5 Bar
Maximum Inlet Pressure: 7.2 Bar
Maximum inlet temperature: 72 °C
Connection/s Inlet: 1/2″

Rain Storm specifications
Installation Guide