Rain Storm 2.0 Showerhead

Prepare for unmatched luxury of the Oxygenics Rain Storm 2.0 and its wide 200mm face. A powerful, pressurized monsoon of water will envelope you and sweep you away to a wondrous place. You will discover the power of oxygenated water in the most invigorating way, while saving up to 70% water usage and gaining a stronger flow of water compared to industry leading brands. Supreme Superiority: The powerful spray nozzles the Storm provides a shower of unbelievable pleasure at an unrivalled price.

All Oxygenics Showerheads are designed primarily for water saving. This Oxygenics Showers is not designed to operate on low pressure systems or below 1.5 Bar of pressure. This showerhead attaches to a fixed shower arm (not a shower hose).

Rain Storm 2.0 Data Sheet

Installation Instructions 


Oxygenics aerated showerheads typically reduce water consumption by 50% but savings of up to 75% can be expected. The primary function of an Oxygenics showerhead is to reduce water consumption. The increase flow and pressure comes through our patented technology. If you are in doubt as the you pressure or the type of system you have please review the information below or contact your plumber before purchasing an Oxygenics showerhead,