Multi Spray PowerSpa™ Handset

The 3 Power spray Multi- PowerSpa harnesses the power of Oxygenics technology into three dynamic and pleasing sprays.

It uses the responsive Intellever to switch between the sprays effortlessly, and the elegant styling adds the perfect touch of refinement to any shower. Simply press lightly on the Intellever and the sprays transition seamlessly into one another for the ultimate shower experience. Full Spray™: small powerful oxygenated water flows from multiple jets provide a soothing and relaxing shower.

Oxygenics Dual Core™: which infuses oxygen into the water to create a dense and pressurized full body spray Massage Stream™: high pressurized jet streams massage and stimulate for an awakening experience.

The Multi Power Spa Handset (UK) Showerhead requires a minimum of 1.5 Bar pressure to operate. The showerhead attaches to a shower hose. Not for use on gravity fed systems.

Multi Power Spa Handset specifications
Installation Guide