Waterfall Curve Fixed Shower Head

Oxygenics UK Waterfall Curve Showerhead is our newest multi function fixed showerhead. The only showerhead on the market to incorporate a unique waterfall effect with water saving Oxy-Force technology. You’ll discover the power of oxygenated water in the most invigorating way, while saving up to 70% water usage. The Waterfall Curve has a choice of three invigorating and unique spray settings.
Oxygenics Core: 4 Cores which infuses oxygen into the water to create a dense and pressurized full body spray
Full Spray: small powerful oxygenated water flows from multiple jets provide a soothing and relaxing shower.
Waterfall: A unique waterfall effect which creates a sheet of water to casscades and drench you.

All Oxygenics Showerheads are designed primarily for water saving. This Oxygenics Showers is not designed to operate on low pressure systems or below 2.0 Bar of pressure. This showerhead attaches to a fixed shower arm (not a shower hose).

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