Jet Spray BodySpa™ Handset

Other companies have tried and failed to copy our BodySpa Shower.
Only buy from an authorised dealer to be sure you are buying genuine Oxygenics Products.

The Oxygenics BodySpa Handset has been at the centre of Oxygenics business for many years. The uniquely designed shower handset gives a modern lift and feel to any bathroom. The BodySpa is a single spray pattern showerhead but also comes supplied with a comfort control adjuster which allows you to adjust the flow from full, to partial.

The partial flow is very useful for saving water while soaping up without having to turn your shower off and back on. The comfort adjuster can also be used to reduce the flow if you find the performance from the full flow, too powerful.

Bodyspa Showerhead (UK) requires 1.5 BAR of pressure to operate. The showerhead attaches to a shower hose. This showerhead attaches to a fixed shower arm (not a shower hose). Not for use on gravity fed systems.

Body Spa specifications
Installation Guide